Mba certificate

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Mba certificate

Many MBA graduates enter the world of business, only to realize that they could use more preparation in their chosen field of expertise. These people often choose to supplement their education with post-graduate certifications and courses that boost their skills—and their hireability.

In the past, earning accreditation often meant quitting work to attend a program full-time. Today, however, the path to specialty study has been greatly simplified thanks to the proliferation of accredited online programs. Hundreds of programs offer 100 percent online coursework, allowing students to earn an advanced education on their own schedule—even while working full time, if desired. In short, there are few barriers to earning exactly the certifications that will further your knowledge and career.

MBA Concentrations

For those who do not wish to pursue formal certifications, but who need specific skills or background to boost their job performance or hireability, MBA concentrations are a way to gain the needed expertise. WSU’s Online MBA degree provides an example of such concentrations. The program features 4 concentrations, allowing students to focus their educational experience on their career-specific interests and goals. Each concentration is also available as a standalone 9-credit MBA certificate, which can be taken outside of the formal MBA program.

The 4 concentration areas are:

  • Marketing. This concentration includes courses on international marketing management, promotional management, and new product marketing. Coursework allows students to take an in-depth look at consumer behavior and the psychology behind it. Students will learn to analyze and react to consumer trends, examine the differences between foreign and domestic markets, and discover strategies to help navigate those differences.
  • Finance. This concentration includes courses on investment analysis, interest rates and finance markets, and international finance. These courses allow students to study financial practice and principles from an international perspective, as well as learn about financial management of multinational corporations and international investments. Additionally, students will explore related topics, such as asset management, investment analysis, interest rates, and financial futures.
  • International Business. This concentration includes courses on international business management, international marketing management, and international finance. It allows students to explore the ethical, economic, and societal challenges associated with doing business in a foreign marketplace. It will also help students to delve into risk management as it applies to the international marketplace.
  • Hospitality Business Management. This concentration includes courses on services management, international tourism strategy and planning, and hospitality operations analysis. It helps students to learn more about business operations within the hospitality industry.