Fake certificates

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Fake certificates

By and large, most contemporary fake certificates are modelled on their real-world Principles. However, there is still fake certificates in circulation, such as this piece below.

These fraudsters don’t even know how to make a FAKE Certificate. They don’t know the correct language, and make mis-representations and ridiculous spell mistakes, preposterously weighed down by pompous and ponderous self esteem.

Identify a FAKE Certificate:

1) The look-and-feel of your new ISO or other Management Standard / Product Certificate is more-or-less same as the earlier GENUINE Certificate which was in your possession, and which you had in the past, effectively used for various business gains and Tenders.

  2) The Wordings are very similar to almost similar. These FAKE Certifiers do not even know how to put in their own words.

  3) You might as well point out ridiculous spelling inaccuracies.

  4) The price you are asked to pay is absurdly lower than what you had been reasonably paying against the value of services received.

  5) You will get this New Certificate, without any document verification, or any audit. There is absolutely no Value Addition in such arrangements.

  6) And, you will receive such Certificates almost immediately, because these scamsters are in-confident. This certificate is just a piece of paper which is being printed and given to the organization without any audit/verification.

  7) Counterfeit ISO Certificates – where the Fraudster uses photoshop or other image editing software to create a completely fake certificate which has absolutely no genuinity and value.

  8) You may check the validity and credentials of the certificate in the original Certifier databases.

  9) Understand that many of such fraud websites are similar in name and style as the original website.

The Organization stands to loose:

1) FAKE Certificates will harm the reputation of the Organization.

  2) FAKE Certificates will destroy the Organization rapport in Market.

  3) FAKE Certificates will ruin chances of Tenders (where the old Original Certificate was previously given, and used).

  4) Your Consultant may try to fool you in order to fill their own pockets, without any consideration about your welfare.

If your queries establish that you or one of your suppliers have a fake certificate then you need to establish:

  1. Was anyone aware that the certificate/system was fake?

  2. What needs to be done to transfer to a legitimate certificate? Contact us at info@eurocertregistrars.com

The expert team has taken some measures to avoid such faults.

  • It has now launched the series of recommendations to the stakeholders to address this situation. They have stated to the accreditation bodies that transparency is to be enhanced.

  • The accreditation bodies are supposed to have their database updated on their official websites. Under that, they have to display a list of all certified companies.

  • Apart from that, the political will is important for this. In this case many interests are also there, globally.

  • The problems could be worse if some or other input a company uses in one of its products fails to conform to the formal specifications.


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