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Shams W.Pawel Clients Reviews

Very easy, and simple to order. Super responsive customer service! I'd order again, except I would make a few adjustments to insure the quality of the product. I'm not very happy with the quality of my diploma. A proof was sent which I should've read through better seeing as there are a few typos, I also am not really a fan that the lettering is flat instead of raised. I thought the parchment that would be used would also be a tad thicker, but these are all aesthetic issues that don't necessarily matter now as all is said and done, simply something to keep an eye out for any future orders I or anyone else may need! Overall, it's an good looking document.

Cherylyce Martin Clients Reviews

It was a misunderstanding on the paper size, but they were absolutely willing to work with me. Amazing company I would recommend it for anyone and overall, I’m amazed with the craftsmanship thank you shop diploma.

kalid khaldy Clients Reviews